Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Tuesday 5 August

Nice bright, if cool day, with a brisk wind blowing. We're once again at 60F, but the sun takes the edge of the lower temperatures.

Upper Texas has taken delivery of tropical storm Edouard, which was a notch or two below hurricane strength; 55 knots (65 mph) were the strongest sustained winds on landfall at the McFaddin Nature Reserve. The storm is moving into central Texas where it will dump a lot of much-needed rain. Edouard disrupted oil production and deliveries.

Germany's WPC's are being issued with bullet-proof bras. Ordinary bras, when struck by a bullet, would have their wiring pushed into the underlying tissues, causes serious injury. Read more here.


  1. I'll glady send some of our predicted 87* weather to you....87* means it will be 95* plus in my house. Ughhh!  Bullet proof bras, huh?  Well, I'd have never thought of that but I'm glad someone did. I can understand why it could cause serious injury. Have a good evening...Linda in WA  

  2. Been pouring down with rain here Guido, very overcast and quite chilly.  Maybe our police women should follow suit.


  3. You really are a busy person. :-) Wishing you a wonderful week. Janie

  4. It's Hot, Hot, Hot here......95, with high humidity. UGH! But, soon we will all be complaining how cold we are, hehehe :)

    Pooh Hugs,

  5. We could use one of those here!  Been really dry here except for the storms yesterday afternoon.


  6. A bullet-proof bra is actually a really good idea!  I wonder why no one has thought of it before.

  7. The bra's sound like a good idea..... maybe the British police should follow suit.
    Weather here has been terrible all week, just saw the forecast on the news for the next few days and its rain, rain, rain and more rain....lol. Think there was one decent day amongst the 4
    hugs Jayne