Saturday, 2 August 2008

Evening notes

Attended the exhibition at Barvas this afternoon, which was interesting. Afterwards, we took unexpected delivery of two loaves and rather more than five fishes. In fact, it was several dozen mackerel, one of them in the process of being eaten by another fish - a posture continued in death for both of them.

No comments alerts or private journal entry alerts all day. Great.

I make overseas phonecalls, and I did a little market research on mobile phone charges for those calls: varying from 5 to 90p a minute.


  1. I hope you get this comment alert Guido! I've had alerts all day but I know some people aren't getting any. I've just posted and wonder If anybody will get an alert for it! A fish eating a fish, it sounds horrible but I suppose it's nature, they have to survive! Jeannette xx  

  2. Hoi!
    hey people are on vacation Guido!
    sounds like you're really into fishing!
    p.s. ever read "The Power of One"?

  3. One greedy fish lol, extraordinary. Damien Hurst would make art out of this..have you rung him yet?!

    Sooo....several fish pies, pate's, mackerel kedgeree, is there a queue at your door via the sky?

    have you checked out - 000 049 9000 - i use this firm to call USA and I top up on line. oxo

  4. Well, that must have been a sight to see.  Eeeuuwww.  Journal alerts are spotty for me.  Some come through some don't.  AOL -- just in time to celebrate their own product fifth anniversary.  Why am I not surprised?

  5. That would have been a surprise delivery indeed!! I'd have fainted straight away LOL!

  6. Sounds like an almost Biblical experience!  ;o)  My boss recently vacationed in Costa Rica.  It cost him $4 per minute to call back to Texas.  -  Barbara

  7. I join you in the land of the lost where alerts are concerned...I am getting nothing!
    I think I paid $9.00 a minute to call home from the cruise ship.  I had to call home nightly to check in on the would have been cheaper to stay home.  LOL
    Those fish pictures are something else.

  8. I loved the pics of the fish, especially the two-for-one! lol  What a nice surprise to receive.  Enjoyed the gallery pics, too.

  9. The colours on the fish was amazing.
    Mobile costs are crazy ...I am on Orange and i think its around 50p a min to other providers.........