Friday, 22 August 2008

Friday 22 August

Late entry for today, which was a cool but fairly bright affair. We had yet another cruiseliner in (the Astor), which arrived at midday and left at about 7pm. Received more information for my wargraves project - delivered by hand.

I am pleased that there are now 20 entries in the Anniversary blog, together with more comments etc. Keep them coming in - also don't forget tomorrow's Anniversary Chat in the Journals Chatroom, link on every journal's frontpage.

Repeating the times:
8pm UK, 3pm EDT
11pm UK, 6pm EDT


  1. I Guido, we are having sunshine today too.  Just came in from my covered porch, sat out there watching the birds fly by & had a late lunch.  It's up to about 73*.  Our warm temps and heavy rain have caused the grass to grow like crazy.  I can tell that the lawn mower is going to have to come out of the shed in the next day or so.   That's ok...when the snow starts falling I'll be wishing I could mow the lawn instead of being cooped up in the house shivering.  Linda in Washington

  2. Wish I could've made the chat, hope it was a fitting Anniversray for all JL loyalists.  xoxo Cathy