Thursday, 7 August 2008

Thursday 7 August

After breakfast, we headed off by bus to Harris. £8.40 for a return to Rodel, which is a journey of 55 miles one way. The bus was pretty full with holiday makers, who were heading for the Isle of Skye; the service connects with the 11.50 ferry to Uig from Tarbert.

The weather was a bit iffy on crossing the Clisham, but you are in the mountains there, so no surprise. At Tarbert, the bus turned into a tourbus and as we hared south, the driver pulled over at regular intervals for a photography break. This was to view Luskentyre, Horgabost, McLeod's Stone and Scarista beach. At Rodel we had the grand total of 12 minutes to race round St Clement's Church. I also located 5 wargraves, which I duly added to my collection. At 1pm sharp, we made for Leverburgh, 4 miles to the west, where we disgorged the 21 tourists; us two changed buses to return to Tarbert along the eastern side of the island. The main route passes along the western shores. Had the southbound service kept up a brisk 50 mph pace, the northbound service turned into a dizzying 45 mph race around sharp hills, sharp bends, up and down, left and right - without much of a break. We left the wee bus in Tarbert with a distinct feeling of vertigo. It was a stunningly beautiful journey though.

On returning to Stornoway at 3.30pm, we went for a cuppa. Dinner was fish & chips.


  1. Hectic day but it sounds as if you enjoyed it

  2. SOunds wild & crazy but fun!  Fish & chips sounds's going to be fried oysters here for dinner later this evening, along with lots of fresh broccoli.  Linda in WA

  3. great day, lol, you could be in Italy, all that speeding along the wee bendy roads.
    Must be a good change for your Dad. oxo

  4. Sounds like a lovely trip. Have a wonderful week. Janie

  5. cool! :) hugs

  6. Sounded like a wonderful day...and dinner...well, fish and chips are my favorite!!!  Hope you enjoy your weekend...take care!

  7. We have had two terrible wrecks in the U.S. this past week of a bus carrying many passengers and an SUV carrying 19 people deemed illegals with seats for only 5, so when you said you had a dizzying ride up and down the hills I felt some alarm.  I hope they do a good job of checking tires.  An illegal retread caused the wreck of the bus and cost many lives. I just relax on city buses and don't worry, but on some roads I would.  I remember a city bus driver though who would practically lay the bus over on its side he went so fast through the winding roads at the airport! Gerry  

  8. Well I got dizzy just reading this post!  You had a really full day it sounds!

  9. WOW........ That certainly sounded like a whirlwind tour........ i would be dizzy to racing around like that.
    Jeeees the bus fare sounds expensive.....but guess it is quite a long way.

    Sounds like you are having a great time
    hugs Jayne