Saturday, 9 August 2008

Friday 8 August

In the morning, we took the bus to Melbost to take a walk along the Braighe. Nice idea, except when we reached the Aoidh Church at the eastern end of the Braighe, the heavens opened. We got suitably soaked on the way back to Melbost, and had to change clothes when we reached our Stornoway base again. Did not anticipate rain - object lesson: don't trust the Met Office forecasts.

In the afternoon, our trip went by car to Great Bernera, and in particular the beach at Bosta and the Iron Age House. The lady guide was able to give us 10 minutes' worth of explanation, after which she hurried to catch her bus home. Bosta is a beautiful beach, and I'll upload photos tomorrow (Saturday) to share the imagery.


  1. I think we're supposed to have rain showers here tonight & tomorrow and a lot of us here in the mobile home park are having our annual car port sale this weekend.  It was nice today (Friday) but the wind is coming up & the clouds are rolling in.  Sounds like you & your dad are having a good time.   Linda in WA

  2. dear Guido,
    wow  so sorry that the forecast did not play out!
    hope the weekend comes out better

  3. I always enjoy your photos and know these will be special..enjoy!!

  4. I bet it is the getting caught in the rain that y'all will remember with the most fondness and humor later on.  ;OP  =  Barbara

  5. Sounds like you are having a great time.