Monday, 18 August 2008

Monday 18 August

Bright and sunny, and already getting quite warm. Another brilliant summer's day on its way. Not for those south of the Scottish central belt, I regret to say; the Met Office weather radar shows wet weather spreading over southern Scotland and moving in from Ireland towards England. I think I'll enjoy the 20C we're promised for today.

Bad weather has caused a dam breach in the Grand Canyon area, prompting the evacuation of about 400 people on account of flooding.

Tropical storm Fay has claimed the lives of 50 passengers, when their bus was swept away by a river in southwestern Haiti. The storm passed over Haiti on Friday, and dumped vast amounts of rain on the country. Four people died in the Dominican Republic, east of Haiti.


  1. Weather here in London today is very mixed..... cloudy...then sun and also quite windy.
    I hate to say it but have we had our summer ???



  2. We did not get the predicted thunder storms during the night but now at almost 9am I'm hearing lots of thunder off in the distance and the sky is very dark.  I'm thinking it's going to be a stormy day.  I wish some of our warm, sunny  weather would go to England for our friends there who are getting rained on.   Linda in Washington state

  3. What a funny old world we are living through...sun, rain,drought,, storms, we seem top be having it all in the extreem these days.  Today we had organised a garden picnic for our old folks...what a daft thing to do in August !! needless to say we had to cancel we had an indoors picnic instead in the church !!  Glad that the sun is shining on you.  Love  Sybil xx