Friday, 29 August 2008

Friday 29 August 2008

A stiff breeze is blowing in the islands, yet the clouds sit at ground level. Further east, temperatures are set to soar into the mid 20s Celsius / 70s Fahrenheit, but we feel the effects of the Atlantic.

Tropical storm Gustav is grinding across Jamaica with winds of up to 70 mph, close to hurricane force. Once clear of the island, Gustav will really get down to business as it veers northwest across the far west of Cuba - the system may be packing winds of 125 mph by that time. The Cayman Islands will be in the way as well.

Tropical storm Hanna is expected to do something strange - veer southwest towards the Bahamas. Due to the rotation of the earth, tropical systems usually head northwest in the northern hemisphere. There is no indication yet where Hanna will make landfall (if at all); the same applies to Gustav.

A couple of other weather systems are marching across Africa, ready for the conveyor belt across the Atlantic - maybe to become hurricanes as well.


  1. ... And some people choose not to live in California for fear of earthquakes. I don't know whether it is any better to be able to watch a storm forming or to have the earth heave without warning.

    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

  2. I don't know what it's supposed to do here today. RIght now, it's not doing anything~just sitting there.  I was looking on Royal Caribbean's website last night and they gave updated itineraries for 3 of their cruise ships due to Gustav.  Hopefully this will all be over in another 45 days when we sail out of Los Angeles for the Mexican Riviera. Linda in WA

  3. I had the husband cut our grass yesterday in anticipation of the rain we will most likely be getting.... I'm rather looking forward to it....


  4. I imagine this is creating havoc with the carribean cruisers now.  We were to have a drizzle or a shower today.  As usual they were wrong and we've had solid rain all day long...remnants of Fay.  We need the rain desperately so I am not complaining at all, other than no internet signal but I'll survive. ;)

  5. I was watching Gustav on the news earlier, i see that it has already claimed lives, i hope that everyone in its path stays safe. Keeping you in my prayers
    hugs Jayne