Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wednesday 27 August

My original entry got eaten by AOL, so got to start all over again. Sigh.

I've now cleared 50 of the 150 outstanding alerts, will carry on later today. Suppose I'm starting to put some clear water between the weekend and myself. It's a nice clear day in the isles, if a bit breezy.

Hurricane Gustav is a tropical storm, having lost a lot of puff in the traverse of the mountains in Haiti. The storm is getting underway again, heading for southeastern Cuba and Jamaica. It seems likely that the Gulf of Mexico will see Gustav after the weekend.

A computer virus has made it to the International Space Station via someone's laptop. It won't do much harm, but it's a pain.


  1. Yeah re: Gustav being de-noted!

  2. I'll continue to blame "Fay" for everything here.  LOL !!  Linda in WA

  3. AOL sucks...i could not get into any journals until 20 minutes ago. Enjoy today.