Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Wednesday 20 August

Overcast and a little breezy, but not too cool. Still keeping an eye on tropical storm Fay, which was near Cape Canaveral at midday GMT, 8 am EDT. The storm will inch out to sea, but is expected to veer inland again in one or two days' time.

A plane, operated by Spanair and bound for Gran Canaria has come off the runway at Madrid airport at 1245 GMT today. Seven people are known to have died in the incident, which took place in fine weather conditions.

Received feedback from New Zealand regarding a wargrave from 1926 in the Scarista Cemetery, which I visited last Thursday. They had warned of a waiting time of several weeks, so that was a pleasant surprise. Got some barebone details, which is all I require, but should I want to know more then the price will be NZ$25.00 (just under £10 or US$20).


  1. Terrible plane disaster Guido, it looks like far more may be dead, some reports are quoting 140!   Those poor people and their poor families.

  2. Hey Guido,
    I just read on the internet news there are 149 deaths on the Madrid plane crash.  Such a terrible tragedy.  We should all remember their families in our prayers.