Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Fontsize feedback

In my posts, I normally use a 10pt font, which is what is being used in this paragraph.

Occasionally, I'll use a 14pt, like this line.

I found a comment on another blog from a reader  who had stopped reading certain journals because the fontsize is too small. Anyone finding my 10pt font too small? Please leave a note if you do.


  1. I have my computer set at a larger font so it doesn't bother me but on some journals the fonts are so small even with my enlargement they are difficult to read. I highllight them to be able to read them. Those light pink small fonts some people use are eye killers LOL. Helen

  2. A trick told to me by another -Lander-hold down your control button then use your mouse scroll wheel to up or down size to your liking then let go and there you have it.

  3. I don't have any trouble with reading your 10 pt. font.

  4. The ten point is okay as long as it is clear and distinguishable like your black ink on white background.  I have quit reading several journals because the contrast between the background and type was not great enough to be able to comfortably read while using ten point or smaller type.  The 14pt is even better.