Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Wednesday notes

A young couple who were overdue on Ben Nevis have been found safe and well on the mountain. They were part of a larger party, which split up half-way up the mountain yesterday. When they failed to rejoin the party, the alarm was raised. An RAF helicopter found the two abseiling from the summit. The helicopter airlifted them from the mountain.
They should have contacted their colleagues when they realised they would not be able to rejoin them as arranged. Fort William police are having a word with them this afternoon.

The 190 turbine windfarm in North Lewis will not be operational until 2014. This is due to delays caused by public inquiries into the power transmission line on the Scottish mainland from Ullapool to Stirling, midway between Glasgow and Edinburgh. There was talk of the Western Isles' windfarms being connected to the National Grid by subsea cable to Hunterston in Ayrshire, but this has now been discounted by the windfarm's developers, LWP. The public inquiries are due to start this autumn and will run until 2011. If a positive outcome results, and that's a big if, work on the construction of the subsea cable to Ullapool and the powerline will take another 3 years.

Today's weather is very poor. Rain is lashing down and after sailing to Ullapool in the morning, the ferry will stay there until 5pm, when she is likely to sail back to Stornoway, to return there by 8pm tonight. Strangely enough, the freight ferry, MV Muirneag, managed to come in this afternoon at 2pm after cruising up and down the east coast of Lewis all morning. Winds are at force 8 at present, so well done Muirneag. The Fisheries Protection vessel Vigilant meanwhile is sheltering in Broad Bay, north of Stornoway.

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  1. I'm happy the young couple were found, and hope they will know better next time!