Friday, 5 January 2007

Friday notes

Weather is now deteriorating again after a sunny start to the day. Heavy showers are barrelling through, as per forecast. It will continue changeable into next week, when a major depression will bring storms to the whole of the UK on Tuesday.

Following yesterday's coach crash at Heathrow, another coach has crashed, this time in the French Alps. The vehicle skidded on an icy surface and slammed into a roadside rock. One passenger was seriously injured and was helicoptered to hospital in Grenoble.

All things quiet on the hurricane front now, with no tropical cyclones about in the southern hemisphere.


  1. the "s" word is being thrown around on the Seattle TV stations.  I know they are expecting 9-18 inches of the white stuff in the mountains but I think that's where it should stay.  All it does down here is mess up traffic and cause problems.  Have a good day Guido...Linda in Washington state  

  2. Showers are here today, no all...weird weather for sure for us, in the 60s to 70.  Sad about the crashes...bad weather and planes do not mix...take care Guido...

  3. wow! the Fench Alps! yikes!