Friday, 29 February 2008

Close of day

Past midnight, and it's February 29th. This week has not been good in J-land. Irene [alwaysireneann] was remembered in a memorial service earlier in the day, following her passing on Monday. Please read the final entry in her journal, written by her sister Pamela, for acknowledgement of everybody's expressions of condolence and gratitude for support shown. Methinks J-land showed its true face this week.

This evening, another family mourns, as Barbara [mastersblynn] comes to terms with the loss of her father, who had been unwell for a while. She has not written about her dad's passing yet. Her mother is also in hospital at this time.

Please keep those in the community who are frail of body or mind in thoughts at this time, as well as those close to them.


  1. I just read the note from Pamela a little bit ago... Irene will be sorely missed.  

    be well,

  2. I just read Pamela's entry a little while ago. It was very heartfelt and touching. Thank you for posting this reminder.