Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Evening notes

I can't say I'm listening to music, it's a near gale that's blowing outside. Yep, we're back to wind and rain.

I've still got 35 alerts outstanding, which I shall attend to in the morning. Thanks to all 29 (at last count) who bothered to comment on my entry headed "Attitude".

Tonight, at 3 am UK time, a full lunar eclipse will occur. I can safely sleep through it, because of the weather conditions. In the USA, it will start around 10pm EST or 7pm PST. More details here.

Finally, if Senator Obama fancies his chances at becoming president, can he please have his wife trained up as a matter of urgency? Poor Mrs Obama slouches in front of the cameras, and gaffes her way through her soundbites. Can't say I fancy Barack Obama as a president, neither do I fancy Hillary Clinton, nor have I got any faith in John McCain on the Republican side. Roll on November.


  1. this AM when Rick came to get me from work we had this super powdery snow coming down and Rick could not keep his truck on a straight line.....we slid each inch as he drove. i thought i was going to throw up..i was SO scared!!!! It was the worst snow ever as far as driving home. If my car had been running, i would have crashed. I can not wait for spring!!


  2. yep..we're back to wind and rain..but the sun was so nice for a week. Am hacked off as i would have liked to have seen this eclipse. I'll just have to wait another seven years. Interesting what you say on Mrs Obama. I heard on the radio she was an enthusiastic and supportive wife with lots to say and switched on. hmmmm.

  3. I couldn't see the moon.....we had rain and clouds. Of all nights...Sheesh!
    I agree with you on Mrs Obama. She needs some work.
    Have a good night.

  4. You echo my sentiments perfectly regarding the candidates.  Sad that one of them will get the title of President.  Yeah, Obama's woman needs ALOT of work!  

  5. I have no faith in any of the candidates either Guido.  We all know the Clinton's and what they can get up to in their private lives.  So we know how low they can stoop.
    Obama is still inexperienced and I have reservations about his supporters who have supplied him with money and backing.  I don't just mean Oprah Winfrey.

    Ideally none of them should be in the running but at a push better the devil's you know than the one's whose true reason's for running your not sure about.

  6. I think you speak for a lot of Americans, Guido, and Jeanne's comment before mine is also indicative of how a lot of people feel.  Not really much to choose from.