Monday, 18 February 2008

Diana Inquest

Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a car crash in the Alma Underpass in Paris in the early hours of 31 August 1997. It is one of those days where everyone remembers what they did when they heard the news. Fast forward 10 years and nearly 6 months.

An inquest has been on-going into Diana's death, and today it was the turn of Mohammed Al-Fayed. Mr Al-Fayed is the father of Dodi, Diana's gentleman-friend, who was killed outright in the crash. He was called to give evidence to the inquest today, and I can only describe it as lurid and bordering on the permissible. I don't know if you can get away with calling the Duke of Edinburgh, husband to the Queen, a Nazi.
I think I'll link to the BBC report and let you make up your own mind.

Mr Al-Fayed is on record as stating there was a conspiracy to get rid of Diana before today's hearing. I think it was a grieving and embittered man speaking today, who has never got over the death of his son, and by the sound of it, never will. I could feel sorry for him for that reason.


  1. I agree with your last sentence, although I think he is unwise sometimes to voice his theories, people forget that he lost his only child, and I agree he will never get over and also will never for him anyway get a satisfactory answer.


  2. yes, I totally agree with you that he will most likely never get over his son's death and is full of bitterness because of it; so sad


  3. We will probably never know what happened on that night.!!!
    I feel sorry for Diana's sons to have to keep going through this all the time.  Sometimes you just have to let it go.!!
    Dodi's father will never get over it I know.  Sad for him!


  4. Whatever happened that night will always be a mystery, though I`m sure the conspiracy theories will keep on coming. Mr Fayed IS a grieving father but I think he has to let go of it now, Dodi and Diana should be allowed to rest in peace after all this time.

    Love Sandra xx

  5. it was a very sad day, that happened to be the day of my brothers wedding. Same year and all.

  6. I was just returning from our honeymoon when I heard the news.  Though she wasn't our Princess I adored her, I thought she was beautiful and full of style & grace.  The article is so sad, clearly Al-Fayed is still beside himself with grief, my heart breaks for the man.  I can overlook his ranting and name calling ~ he truly believes what he says.  I did have to chuckle at Crocodile Wife though.  ;)  I guess the Diana conspiracy theory will stand the test of time just as the JFK conspiracy theory has.  

  7. I've been finding this extremely interesting, if not far fetched.  Sort of reminds me of the CIA killing JFK theory, although, truthfully, nothing would surprise me anymore. Al-Fayed's statements about Prince Philip, nonetheless, were way overboard.  A grieving father plus one who was never accepted into British society is what is sounds like to me.  Chris

  8. I am really open to the possibility of murder, here.  The Royal family never treated Diana well, in my opinion.... that HORRID Prince Charles, as far as I'm concerned, should NEVER, EVER see that crown on his head as KING.  I hope there comes a reason, that it could pass over him and go straight to Prince William.  However, I don't think that Mohammed Al-Fayed will prove his case or convince the court.


  9. I was never a Di devotee, but even at the time of her death, I felt Dodi & his dad had spent a whole lot of money trying to wine dine & buy a princess.  While I am sure he misses his son, I also think he likes the limelight of this whole situation in a similar way he did when he was throwing millions around so his son could impress & keep Di.

    While the abdicated king had some unfortunate nazi & nazi sympathizing friends, I think largely prompted by his gf-then-wife, I don't remember hearing anything of the same nature of Prince Philip. I think the Duke is testy, but a whole lot smarter than his brother in law. ~Mary

  10. Opps, not his brother in law, his wife's uncle
    ;-0.  ~Mary