Friday, 15 February 2008


The Serbian province of Kosovo is set to declare independence on Sunday. Kosovo was the scene of a bloody civil conflict in 1999, when Serbian forces suppressed moves towards independence. Their campaign was called off following a bombardment of Serbia itself by NATO forces.

Kosovo's population is predominantly of Albanian origin, although areas in the north of the province are mainly Serbian. The atrocities of the 1999 war have left deep divisions between the two communities. Serbia is strongly opposed, as is its sponsor Russia. Nonetheless, the Belgrade administration has ruled out the use of force if Kosovo does break away. Diplomatic and economic measures will be used instead.

Although the situation has calmed down in the Balkans since the end of armed conflict, Kosovo remains a dangerous powderkeg. The province is claimed by Serbs as the cradle of their nation, the site of the Battle of the Thrush of 1389, where the Turks were fought.

I think it says enough that more than 600 years have passed and they're still hearkening back to a piece of antediluvian history. And that applies to both sides.


  1. I am very much afraid that it is another conflict about to happen. Sybil x

  2. You have to wonder if there will ever be calm in Kosovo. I hope it works out for them.