Saturday, 16 February 2008

Saturday 16 February

Overcast and misty here this morning. A naval vessel, HMS Bulwark, briefly appeared on the horizon. She is too large to dock at Stornoway. The harbour can accommodate vessels with a draft of up to 7 metres (24 feet). Bulwark draws 10 metres (33 feet). The naval ship now heading southeast down the Minch.

Steve Fossett has been declared dead by a court in Chicago. He took off from an airfield in Nevada last September and has not been seen since. Aerial searches, nor searches by thousands of Internet users (including myself) on Google Earth have yielded any trace of the record breaking adventurer. He leaves an 8-figure sum of money, and several records of landspeed and ballooning ventures.

Do I care that Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills are having a problem sorting out their divorce? No I don't. Celebrity news just does not register with me.


  1. supposed to be sunny/warm here today in Southern California; I agree with you; celebrity news does nothing for me

    enjoy the day


  2. Hope the sun comes out later for you to enjoy your Saturday.  Sad about Steve
    Fossett...and strange how they could never find his body.  I am so tired of hearing about Heather Mills and Paul M.  It is the same old stuff.  Have a great day...

  3. Quite a mystery there about Steve Fossett.  It is foggy here this morning, but supposed to be sunny this afternoon.  Joni

  4. I guess we will never know the whole story behind Steve Fossett.  I also don't give a fig about the McCartney & Mills ongoing is plastered all over our news as well.

  5. Interesting to use Google Earth to search for that man. I never thought of that. And I agree with you on the McCartney divorce...who cares?? It's been going on so long now.