Sunday, 24 February 2008

Evening notes

What a pity, the script writers have ceased their strikes. Wouldn't it have been fantastic if the stars had actually been forced to engage their brains for a change to find something to say for themselves? Oscars, who cares. I don't.

Castro is still in charge of Cuba, but his first name is Raul. Fidel is too ill, so little brother is taking over the baton. Wonder if he smokes the big Havanas as well, and if he is also going to talk for 5 hours at a stretch, like Fidel used to do. Cripes, that man could talk the hind legs off a donkey.

Another nitwit is joining the race for the White House, with not a hope in hell of getting there, just for a bit of electoral ploy. Nader, I think his name is. Quite appropriate, because it is very close to "nadir", which means the opposite to zenith. The pits, in other words. And Hillary is beginning to whine that the other boy is not nice to her, awww.

We're up for another gale on Tuesday, which will be preceded by more wet stuff tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Well, now we've settled how 'bad' things are here in the US ... what's up in Scotland?  LOL

  2. Imagine talking for five hours Guido ,even I couldnt do that Jan xx

  3. I, for one, am glad the writers' strike is over; don't watch much TV, but the strike was wrecking havoc to our local economy


  4. LOL, I had to chuckle at your entry.  I don't watch the Oscars either, I don't care much about award shows of any kind.  "talk the hind legs off a donkey", you are funny tonite!!!  :)

  5. right now as i type this, our former President, Bill Clinton, is in my Ohio city. I can not go and see him but i would if i could.

  6. I don't like any award shows. I feel it's just a bunch of rich folks patting each other on the back, and using the advertising to get us to watch their movies. They use the event to call attention to designers, too. It's all about money. JMO

  7. Castro was obviously a man full of his own self importance by extolling his people with five hour speeches. He had stamina if not brains.
    If the Cuban people allow him to keep it in the family then the deserve all they get.
    Now is their time.