Sunday, 24 February 2008

Close of day

I should explain that I have this sarcastic streak, and I'm afraid I let it loose on two items of US news. I have previously made clear that I have no great regard for any of the candidates running for the US presidency this year. And a few weeks ago, I felt my jaw dropping to floorlevel when I learned that the Golden Globes ceremony was cancelled because the scriptwriters were on strike. By implication, actors and actresses have to have every word scripted for them - which I find an appalling reflection on their mental faculties. A few days ago, I let fly against the US health service, which I gather people over there have differing opinions on.

OK, it's all US things, I don't live in the country - however, I will have an opinion. A lot of things that happen in America impact the UK and many countries around the world. Particularly who is the next resident at the White House as of January 20th, 2009. Very important.

On matters UK, I can be just as nasty. Northern Rock showed up the current administration in its full glory as Ditherers United. NR was taken into public ownership last week to protect the £55bn ($110bn) of taxpayers' money, put into the bank by the Government to prevent it from going under. If the Financial Services Authority (the regulators) had sat on the practice of sub-prime mortgages and mortgages of up to 125% a bit earlier - if subsequently, the Chancellor of the Exchequer (at the time, a certain Gordon Brown, MP) had intervened a bit earlier - if, if, if, not a lot of use. All I'm saying is that important decisions are not taken in good time.

Another good example was the call for a general election following Gordon Brown's elevation to the office of Prime Minister. Rather than saying an immediate yea or nay, he dithered for weeks, waiting for the polls to go green or red or something.

On matters regional, there will be a new fare structure for the ferries. It is Road-Equivalent Tarriff, which means that ferries will charge 60p per seamile plus £5. The result is a reduction in fares of 30 to 50%. There is one fly in the ointment. Calmac, the ferry operator, has operating losses of £30m per annum, losses covered by government subsidies. If you reduce revenues from fares - well, the subsidy will have to increase. Subsidies are paid for by the taxpayer, so it'll come back to haunt us yet.


  1. I hope, Guido, that you don't think I minded what you wrote OR that you have an opinion.  I find you very often right on or very close to the bull's eye.  Here or there.  

  2. i love your wit so go right ahead and say what you really feel. I always agree with what you say even if we are far apart in miles.


  3. I wasn't offended or upset by any of the comments you made.  Your opinions were accurate as far as I am concerned and I may have said so in my comments at the time.  It is sad our "stars" apparently cannot think for themselves, but then again all of our politicians have "speech writers"....that is even worse.  I enjoy your writings & your opinions as well.

  4. I don't particularly like any of our new presidential candidates at all. It's so sad.

    I did however find that I was a little bit offended by the comment on the health care system. It's not perfect, but overall I think they do a good job. There are a lot of folks out there who cannot pay and still get treated. Many hospitals will not refuse you treatment based on your income. And if you don't have an income, they won't even charge you. I've seen it many times.
    Some of the Doc's are real idiots, but that's when it's up to the patient to change and find someone that they do feel confident in. Patients need to be proactive in their healthcare....and I believe that includes preventative care as well. I could write a book on it.
    Like I said, I know it's not perfect, and I do believe that we do need to improve a lot of things, but our system does have it's good qualities. JMO.

  5. All I can say is "more power to your elbow "   !!  I usually agree with most of what you say anyway and if I didn't ..well....we can all have our own opinions we are all adults??? I think !!  Love Sybil x

  6. Juat another thought regarding the US health service. maybe we should look at LadyMagnolia'sDailyBlog  where she is desperate for some help on getting ins,
    Long live the NHS   sybil x

  7. As you say Guido...'If..If..'
    Gordon Brown needs to understand the motto..Carpe Diem.
    But instead he missed the bus.
    Aye...I've noticed your wee sarcastic streak from time to time but then everyone has an opinion and it is polite and adult of them to respect others opinions too.  Even if they differ.  
    I can only commend you for that as I cannot fault you in your respect of other people's opinions.
    As for the writers strike?  What a calamity if the Stars were unable to have their speeches ready on time...maybe the could have hired Castro for the night.  Lol!

  8. As is often the case Guido, I agree with you...again!  As far as the US presidency is concerned, its certainly very important that the right person gets into the White House. I couldn`t believe that actors can`t even write their acceptance speeches...oh well I suppose they ARE used to reading other people`s words and must find it difficult to make up their! As far as our government is concerned, the less said the better...sigh.

    Love Sandra xx

  9. I've disagreed with you on certain things(healthcare, definitely) but you've never left me feeling that because of it I'd become your instant enemy.  There have been a few people who've gone nuts on me because of my opinions, but they are immature & perhaps(judging by some of the emails & comments lol) quite mentally ill, you're neither.  I like sarcasm.

  10. You -- sarcastic?!  Never! lol
    Yours is equal opportunity sarcasm.  I enjoy your points of view and quite often agree with them.  I certainly don't take offense when I don't.