Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Tuesday 19 February

Nice, sunny morning with only a few wisps of high cloud about. Not warm though, it's only just above 4C / 39F at the moment.

Tropical cyclone Ivan is no more, but could reemerge over the open waters of the Gulf of Mozambique, east of Madagascar, and regenerate. It looks every which way that will actually happen.

Tropical cyclone Nicholas is grazing the coast of Western Australia with winds in excess of 70 mph. At 9 am, it was due west of Exmouth, and its stormforce windfield was crossing the coast of the Northwestern Cape. Will keep an eye on developments through Radio Australia WA Northwest.

Was not entirely surprised to learn that Fidel Castro will not seek reelection as Cuba's president. The 81-year old leader has not been well of late. He came to power in a Communist revolution in 1959, and has been a pain in the backside of the US for those 49 years.

"Order, order", Mr Speaker is in the limelight for using his accrued airmiles to give relatives a reduced fare on planes. And that's not allowed. The Commissioner for Standards in the House of Commons is investigating.


  1. I would say Mr. Martin attended the seminar given by US Politicians...."How to bilk your taxpayers".   Good Ol' Castro finally stepping down.  I hear his brother may take over so I doubt there will be much difference.

  2. It's high time an independent body was formed to sort out these expenses...so they have to send in forms once a month to a pay body who isnt likely to have the minister leaning on his shoulder to sign it off. It's appalling. Not one of these MP's whose less than favourable usage of expenses has been severely dealt with. Grrrrrrrrrr.