Sunday, 17 February 2008

Debate on Islam

I think I should make it clear that there are rules for adherents to the Islamic faith, which only apply to the faithful. It is written quite specifically in the Koran that the Christian and Judaic faiths are acknowledged and held in deep respect. Islamic rules are also quoted as not applicable to the faithful of different faiths.

Alongside with that, I would hold it to be common courtesy not to cause offense, if it is well known that (e.g.) the portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed would do so.

The groundrule is that when you're in Rome you do as the Romans do. However, if people are coming in from a different background, you give some consideration to that. I would never serve pork to a Jewish or Muslim person. Conversely, when visiting East Asia, I would expect my hosts to refrain from serving me cat or dog.

Finally, the amount of leeway given to people of a different ethnic or cultural background has decreased in recent years. I can understand that the word Islam or Muslim is tantamount to a curse in some quarters following 9/11. It may be worth bearing in mind that the perpetrators of atrocities such as that abuse religion as a pretext for their crimes, and there is no justification in any religious texts for terrorism.


  1. Very well put Guido Jan xx

  2. I am trying to word this carefully so as not to give offence to anyone as i would hate to do that.  But i have talked to a muslim friend of mine and heard her views (and as i am told the muslim view) on the Jews, and respect is not a word i would use.  I have also just had a quick squint at the Koran to remind myself of what it actually says again.  I also have a book in front of me 'Do you know what the Koran really says'.  The Author, Don Richardson, has studied many translations of the Koran (all of which can be found on the internet) and makes for interesting reading.  Lastly, as a christian i am more, shall i say, 'unwanted' in certain places in the London area than a non-christian.  This area has changed nearly beyond recognition in the last couple of years.
    Jenny <><

  3. I think you stated this very clearly and concisely and I agree with what you said


  4. Thank you Guedio, This was a very well written and concise interpretation.  As I have said before and will contiue to say,,   is this, that all followers of Jesus Christians were given only ONE new law and that was that we LOVE ONE ANOTHER...nothinng more nothing less...(We cannot judge others...less we be judged in that same way.)   If we can do that all would be well. Sybil x

  5. Reading your comments, I'm a bit lost.  I do agree with what you said but it appears that there is some consternation between Jews and Muslims in London?  Chris

  6. As I've been following the news regarding the Archbishop of Canterbury's ideas on the Sharia (sp??) law lately on TV and on the radio, I was thankful for the entries you've done on the subject.  It has made it easier for me to understand what the debate is about.

  7. hi guido, I believe the 'when in Rome...' saying is quite apt. When visiting or living another country it is expected that we will abide by their laws and faith, why should we be any different? I understand that the Uk wish to be multi-cultural but changing our laws to include religious laws of another country seems wrong. do we allow christians/catholics...etc to excert their relious beliefs on law? are we going to have one world wide law that includes all faiths? would muslim countries change their laws to include western faiths? my apologies if i have offended anyone these are my own opinions and not meant to offend. mrs t x