Wednesday, 27 February 2008


My internet connection has resumed normal service - presently running twice as fast as before.

It is quite a reasonable afternoon in Stornoway, with sunshine and showers. Went into town a minute ago to get papers and my monthly computer magazine. There are works afoot around the town centre which appear to be related to drainage problems. At times of springtides (last week), the sea will push rubbish up the drains at high tide, causing problems. You don't want to know.

A light aircraft has crashed in the Chilean capital, Santiago. Six passengers and two people on the ground lost their lives. The cause of the accident is unknown.


  1. Our weather is mild here in the Lakes.  The sun is shining and I was stood outside this morning in a TShirt as it was so warm.
    At last!  It fair perks a body up when the days get longer and the blossoms bloom.
    That must have been horrifying for those in the city to see a plane drop from the sky like that.  
    I will say a prayer for their souls.

  2. You lucked out on the faster connection - I hope it stays that way for you.

  3. so glad your internet connection is up and running again with the added bonus of being faster

    sunny and gorgeous here in So. Calif today


  4. I`m glad you have a faster connection Guido, mine is supposed to be faster since I had an upgrade but sadly it seems even slower!

    Love Sandra xxxx