Saturday, 23 February 2008

Saturday 23 February

Quite an unpleasant day, with strong winds and occasional rain. The wind could pick up to force 8 or 9 at times. Stormforce or hurricane force winds are forecast for the area between mainland Scotland and Iceland. I was not surprised to see Norwegian trawlers sheltering in Glumag Harbour and alongside the piers in the town centre this morning. A third boat is in Broad Bay, north of Stornoway.

A senior pupil at the local secondary school, the Nicolson Institute, was diagnosed with tuberculosis recently. All 5th and 6th year pupils plus other contacts of the young person concerned will be screened for TB. A persistent cough and feeling run-down turned out to be TB. The disease is rare in this part of the world, but has mounted a come-back elsewhere, resulting from increased migration and the advent of HIV/AIDS.

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  1. We have had the same kind of weather as yourselves Guido.   It stopped raining earlier so I managed a short walk to stretch my 'too much sitting in front of the computer'  atrophied limbs.   Lol!  
    Hope this weather soon passes and brings blue skies.

  2. There seems to be more cases of TB in these parts Guido, I`ve spoken to several people who know of someone who has it. It`s very worrying.

    Love Sandra xx

  3. when my mom was 15, in 1958, she went from healthy one day to paralyzed when she woke up the next day. She had polio and was hospitalized for SIX months. She made the news here. My grandma, Jessie, was in a TB sanitorium back in the 1930's in Kentucky with TB. She also almost died. Back then they put them in a "home", away from anyone who did not have TB.


  4. TB always seems like a disease from the past, it is sad it still is around and now back in your part of the world


  5. Our doctors test for TB quite frequently if anyone exhibits symptons.  I had been tested when I was so sick a few months ago, it was pneumonia rather than TB, thankfully.  I hope an outbreak doesn't happen in your area.

  6. That's a shame that the student has TB.  I hope none of the other students have it, and I hope treatment will be successful for that one.  It is something we seem to hear about a little more often these days.

  7. There is more TB in this area also...due to the high migration rate. I just hate that.
    I hope that student will be ok, and that no other students/teachers have it.