Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Hurricane Ivan

More reports are coming out in the wake of Hurricane Ivan, which struck Madagascar on Sunday. Again, report courtesy L'Expresse de Madagascar, translation Google, edits yours truly.

Hurricane Ivan claims more and more casualties. The official report mentions two deaths in Fénérive East. Other sources point to the death of nine people at Sainte-Marie.
The Hurricane Ivan has caused a lot of damage. The official assessment is still awaited.

19h Until yesterday, only two are known dead in the district of Fénérive East. More than 700 people are registered homeless in Toamasina I, I Andilamena and Mahajanga according to information from the national office of risk management and disaster (BNGRC).

More than 500 were identified at Andasibe and I Mandritsara. No official report has been received on Sainte-Marie. Information from unofficial sources have confirmed yesterday that nine people had died under the rubble of the hotel Antsara.

Short of food
An experienced operator of the island tells us: "I was able to reach Santa Maria by the BLU available on our boat. Employees of the boat added that two other people had died in Santa Maria. The population is short of food and had no water or electricity for 24 hours. The port has disappeared with all the boats docked there and the city is overwhelmed by the rising waters. The hotels along the beach were destroyed."

Two dikes broke. The roads are cut off because of trees littering the streets. Yesterday, the crew of BNGRC failed to confirm these data, even if a team was dispatched to an assessment by helicopter.

An emergency meeting yesterday invited government ministers, meeting led by Prime Minister Charles Rabemananjara to the Interior Ministry to Anosy. It has been said that the rescue organization is difficult in districts that remain unreachable.

"Everybody in every district should join hands to accelerate relief now," said the prime minister. The executive secretary of BNGRC present at the meeting also recalled that the prepositioned stocks are still available in these localities affected.

Out at sea
The weather forecast for Ampandrianomby announced eighteen hours ago that Ivan could move from Morombe to Betioky Atsimo. The strong tropical storm has weakened to a remnant low. The cloud mass generated by its passage leads to intermittent rains in most parts of the island. Ivan is moving toward the south-southwest with a wind speed of about 65 km per hour.

All warnings on the Menabe regions, and Melaky Atsimo-Andrefana are still valid. The popupaltions likely to be in the path of this depression are expected to remain on their guard and stock up on food and drinking water. Fishermen are still formally discouraged and even prohibited from going out to sea.

The figures
District of Sainte-Marie: 9 people under the rubble
District Fénérive East: 2 dead, 271 affected
District Soanierana Ivongo: Administrative buildings and damaged school
District Foulpointe: the pontoon bridge submerged by water
District of Toamasina: 155 people homeless
District Nosy Varika houses downs and rivers flooded neighborhoods
District Andilamena: 30 homeless people, destroyed 19 cases, 9 dead horse
Mahajanga District I: 542 people homeless
Moramanga District: 4863 affected in the town Andasibe
District Brickaville road 20 km from Toamasina Brickaville to cut as a result of the rising waters
District Mandritsara: the city flooded with 60%, 90 affected
District south Midongy: rising waters
District Befotaka: rising waters and blocked roads to rural villages


  1. Shaking my head.  

    Thanks for the update, which I had not seen.

  2. A friend of mine spent 18months on mission as a teacher there.  He is home now but we still take an interest in the country.  Thanks for telling us i have heard nothing on the news.
    Jenny <><

  3. We hear nothing of this on the news. We are too obsorbed with out beef recall and mistreatment of animals to be concerned with what is happening in the rest of the world. I mean that as an insult ot us and our arrogance. At times I will watch BBC news. Cnn can be excellent at times. I think I will check the broadcast now and see it there is anything. BTW, I was in Mexico when Hurricane Wilma hit and I realize the lack of interest  in the States is it is not happening here....most the time. I don't wish to be too harsh.

  4. This is just awful, I didn't realize it was this serious until reading your update.  How sad.

  5. I had no idea of this Guido...what is wrong with our News Service these days?
    This is like reading a horror story.
    God help those poor folks.