Thursday, 21 February 2008

Hurricane update - 21 February

It is looking as if Mauritius and La Reunion are going to get an unpleasant surprise tonight and tomorrow. I was surprised to read that a tropical cyclone, Hondo, which had supposedly dissipated 8 days ago, had suddenly reinvigorated northeast of Mauritius - 20 degrees longitude west of its last known position. By the time it reaches there, overnight or tomorrow, it will be a minor tropical storm. Hondo will be a stronger system when it passes La Reunion, some 12 hours later.

My tropical cyclones blog is suspiciously unfrequented, with only 70-odd visits today. Normally, when a cyclone approaches Mauritius, half the island is on to it, with visitors numbering up to 3,000 a day.

Know anybody in Mauritius, even if only on holiday? Drop them a line, please.


  1. 3000 visitors a day...WOW, they must really depend on you.  Good job.

  2. That is some responsibility Guido...well done you for being there for them at such worrying times.  
    I hope folks click on soon and read your updated warning.  It doesn't look as though they are aware.