Sunday, 24 February 2008

Close of day

The weather has improved, in that both wind and rain have relented. It was quite gloomy in fact. Three large trawlers in port today, which is unusual, and one ship sheltering in Broad Bay. We'll get a break from the bad weather for a day or so, until Tuesday, when the gales return. Yippee.

Have received some feedback from the journalseditors regarding the fonts problem. It appears fontsize 12 (or lack of it) is a quirk in Internet Explorer 6.0. I can engage it in Firefox without problem. If anyone is using IE 7.0, can they please leave a comment as to whether fontsize 12 does work there. I cannot use IE 7.0, as it basically b*****rs up the PC my end.

Journalseditor is also requesting more specific feedback on blogplugs, which not everybody appears to like or be aware of. Again, comments welcome.

I'm off to bed, having watched too much telly tonight.


  1. WHEN do you have time to watch the telly with so many journals to keep up??? LOL!!!  G'nite, Guido!!


  2. I don't know anything about blogplugs.  I hope you enjoy the brief intermission between gloomy days.  

  3. I'll have to try the 12 point using Firefox and see what happens.  I do very much like the Friday Blogplugs.  I don't always get by to read them until several days later, but I like them and think it's a great way for journalers to showcase an especially good entry and for readers to find new, interesting journals.  So I say "Plug On!"

  4. I remember seeing something about blogplugs but have no idea what to do to find and read them.
    We have grey skies but no rain...yippee here in the Lakes too.  

  5. I like 14 myself...and use it often.  Wondered what and where 12 would be like.  Have a great day...

  6. I read the blogplugs and visit other peoples blogs from them.
    Jenny <><