Sunday, 24 February 2008

Sunday 24 February

The day started bright and sunny, but we are now getting the short, sharp shock treatment with heavy, wintery showers. These include rain, hail, sleet, snow as well as the kitchen sink. I won't be surprised if I hear a rumble of thunder as well. Thunder is rare here, and most often occurs in winter.

There are currently three Norwegian trawlers in port; two alongside pier no 3 (opposite the ferry) and one anchored in Glumag Harbour, a mile away across the water from my position. The weather has relented a little, but things could still be rough in the Atlantic. Couldn't get a decent picture of the one in Glumag yesterday (poor light), but managed to snap one earlier this morning.

Venezuela is mourning the deaths of 46 airline passengers, who perished in a crash about 10 miles outside the southwestern city of Merida. The plane, carrying 42 Venezuelan nationals, 3 Colombians and 1 American, crashed into mountains at an altitude of 12,000 feet. Merida is a difficult airport to approach, due to its close proximity to high mountain peaks. The aircraft data recorder has been recovered from the site; the plane was completely destroyed on impact.


  1. I have often wondered why they can't use the same principles on passenger planes as the Jump Jet Harrier.  That would do away with long runways.  I suppose it must be to do with the weight/speed/inertia ratios or something like that.
    Just a daydreaming thought...I often get carried away like this.
    Its just that so many people have lost their lives through short landing strips, or in cases like the one above, that you would think there would be another way around it by now.

    Please keep your contrary weather to yourself Guido.  I don't like the sound of it if it comes down here.
    We have a glimpse of sunshine at the moment.

  2. so sad about the plane crash

    rainy here in Southern California; I heard on the news last night we got a total of 3 inches of rain the entire last year's season; this year so far we are 3 inches above normal; that is good, except for mudslide areas from the devastating fires


  3. Sounds like a not so good Winter day...hope it clears up soon!

  4. The plane crash is horrible ~ I was not aware this had happened.  You better carry a very strong umbrella and keep an eye out for that dreaded kitchen sink  ;o

  5. Sad about the plane crash. Maybe they should relocate the airport...? Hmmmm...just a thought.
    Stay warm and dry. It's raining here. Supposed to be sunny the rest of the week.