Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Tuesday 26 February

The day started nice enough, but the first shower is just moving across. We are promised a force 9 gale (again), so am in the process of battening down the hatches. The Norwegian trawlers that were in port over the weekend have just left.

The J-land Group appears to be taking off slowly, except for the gremlins which keep a few people out. Please drop me a line if you are experiencing difficulties - this is apparently still a beta product, and lots of crinkles need ironing out. Again, this is an additional means of reaching across the community, without the need of a barrelload of email addresses which run the risk of falling into the hands of spammers.

Locally, two figures central to the row surrounding the Western Isles Health Board in 2006 will be heard by the Audit Committee in the Scottish Parliament tomorrow morning. I'll be watching proceedings on the Internet, as the session will be relayed live on the web
(committee room 2) from 10 am onwards. Wonder how they are going to explain away all the things that went wrong. Such as: a £3.5m shortfall (for a health authority serving 26,000).

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  1. Whew, another windy day for you!  I imagine the Health Board will come up with a dozen explanations for their problems.