Sunday, 20 April 2008

Busy chopper

Our search and rescue helicopter has had a busy time around Ben Nevis this weekend. Three people required airlifting off the mountain after being either cragfast or unwell. It also had to airlift a diver suspected to be suffering from the "bends" (decompression sickness) from the island of Canna to the decompression chamber at Dunstaffnage, Oban.


  1. Doesn't 'airlifting' them defeat the purpose.... or maybe it relieves the symptoms by re-elevating them????  Hmmm!!  Doesn't sound pleasant anyway.


  2. Bless  these rescue teams they are worth there weight in gold.Happy the people were brought to safety.Take Care God Bless Have a lovely Monday.Kath astoriasand

  3. lucky for these people the helicopter was there, the rescue teams do such a dangerous and brilliant job, well done to them. take care mrs t x

  4. I have so much respect for those who do the search & rescue missions.  Ohhhh, the bends....I heard horror stories about this in my SCUBA classes ~ it scares me!