Saturday, 19 April 2008


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The Callanish Stones are one of the oldest monuments in Scotland, some 5,500 years old. They are a burial site, but the graves were plundered thousands of years already. The Stones were noticed in the 19th century, covered in a 5 ft layer of peat. The peat was removed. It is thought that the Stones are a lunar monument (as opposed to a solar one, such as Stonehenge). Apart from the main circle, situated just to the south of Callanish Village, there are 20 other circles within a 3 mile radius.


  1. Thanks for the full screen picture gallery tip!!  Interesting about the Callanish Stones... I'd never heard of them... will check them out.


  2. Thanks for the update on the stones. To me, they are fascinating!

  3. This reminds me that I saw an unearthed grave years ago.  I never thought "plundered," though it may have been.  All I could think is how horribly invasive... ~Mary