Saturday, 26 April 2008

Saturday 26 April

After a night of rain and wind, the day has turned quite blustery with the odd shower. It is fairly mild, with temperatures of 13C / 57F at present. Down in southern England, it is rather warmer, with the mercury topping 21C in London. I'm not going out as I've not been feeling too good over the past few days.

I was very sad to learn that the jazz musician and BBC radio personality, Humphrey Littleton, has died at the age of 86. I knew Humph best as the host for the spoof radio game show "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue", which featured such famous items as "Morning Crescent" and "Swanny Kazoo", not to mention Samantha who had to go off to meet her gentleman friend, usually accompanied by a double-entendre.

The oil refinery at Grangemouth has now shut down complete ahead of tomorrow's industrial action. Fuel supplies should not be jeopardised, although the government is losing £50m a day once the pipeline from the North Sea oilfields shuts down at 6 am tomorrow morning. The strike is over pension rights.


  1. You must have come out in sympathy with me Guido.  I have been 'sporting' a cold all week!  Yuch!
    Hope you soon feel a wee bit better.   Thank goodness for time being a healer.

    We are getting drookit here in the Lakes.  Rotten old weather!

    Take care of yourself.

  2. As you say here down South it is warm and sunny ,can actually feel the warmth from the sun ,sorry you arent feeling well ,I hope you get better soon ,Aslo soryy to hear about Humph ,what a great  jazz player Jan xx

  3. Sorry to read that you are a bit under the is no wonder when you consider the weather that we have been having one day cold next day hot...down here as you say it has been a lovely warm day.  Mary and I took the camera out as we heard that the bluebells were out in the wood....they were and so next tiem I write my blog I will try to download them  Keep warm and get well soon my  friend.  Love Sybil x

  4. I loved Humph on I'm Sorry, I Haven't A Clue. I laughed aloud for days after hearing Barry Cryer singing You've Lost That Loving Feeling to the tune of John Browns' Body! I'm so sad to hear he's dead. Sorry too that you're not feeling too good. Lots of ailments seem to appear with the change of the seasons. It was hot down here today, I forced myself out and took a walk from the top of  Ditchling Beacon down to Clayton where the twin windmills are. Have you ever done that walk? I know you've said before that you've done quite a bit of walking in Sussex. Jeannette xx  

  5. I hope you are feeling better, Guido!