Friday, 11 April 2008


A boy of 13 [warning: graphic image on that page] has suffered bad skinburns, after spending 21 minutes in a tanning booth. His burns became infected, which meant he had to stay at home. The owner of the booth has said he will cooperate fully with any recommendations to prevent this happening again.

It is illegal for children under 16 to use a sunbed, and there was a notice on the premises concerned. You should also not use it for longer than 6 minutes at a time. However, the shop was not staffed.

Personally, I don't see the point of sunbeds, but then I'm not vain. If such a service is available in a shop, it should be staffed to prevent under 16s using it. It has been shown that extensive sunburns at a young age causes the skin to age prematurely. (Excessive) tanning also increases the risk of malignant melanoma, a form of skin cancer.


  1. it only takes one bad burn at any age, like on his face, to cause cancer later in life. That is a terrible burn!

  2. he looks a bit older then 13... but then what do I know.  LOL
    I hate tanning beds!!!

  3. I was surprised the shops were not staffed; I guess its a different way that its done compared to the one tanning shop I frequented a few times where the controls were monitored by an attendant and after the alloted time you were done and you didn't get in without a scheduled appt so many days apart



  4. I've never used a tanning bed ~ I am very fair & burn easily so I've stayed away from them & the sun.   I know a lady who "tans" constantly and her face looks like an old dried up leather handbag or something with all the wrinkles...not a good look in my opinion.  I'll stay pale ;)

  5. princesssaurora11 April 2008 at 16:27

    Tanning beds are awful... I worked for plastic/reconstructive surgeons... the damage they do is not well publicized... but it is really bad.  People get burned, people get cancer.  A lot.

    be well,

  6. oh wow....that is awful. I was surprised at first when I read 13 yo boy..I thought only women use it.
    I hope he learns his lesson and realize that beauty is only skin deep.
    I followed the link and boy! his skin just screams sad!

  7. Not knowing any thing about these places ,I am surprised to learn ,they can be run without staff ,This skin damage is awful ,and should be widely publicised ,explaining the dangers ,Thanks for drawing attention to this Jan x

  8. I think the whole thing is stupid.....being a blonde and fair skinned...I suffered some bad sunburns as a kid (not even sure if they had sunscreens back in the 1950's) and have already had to have 3 small areas of basal cell removed off my arm and hand.  Hasn't there been enough publicity about skin cancer to keep people out of these things?  As I get older, I've also noticed that people who tan excessively look all wrinkled and leathery looking.  Linda in WA

  9. I know of some people who use it routinely to help with excema /psoriasis, and it really works.  It seems he was trying to go that route to help his acne.  But he still should have had supervision. That is too long to be in one of those things. I do hope he doesn't end up with wrinkly skin or a melanoma from this.  I'm not vain either.  I'd just use the tanning lotions.  We have tanning salons spotting the landscape here.  Must be popular.  


  10. Tanning is so bad for you.   I have a high risk of skin cancer so I stay out of the sun and the beds!


  11. oh! Dear that sounds terrible.Poor lad.They are not good to use in my opinion.Everyone I have known for years who are my age all look like prunes through the constant use of sunbeds.Theynow say they wish they had never used them.Aside the dangers of skin cancer.What some people will do for a tan is unbelievable.Give me my health any day Guido,even if I do  look like the white tide woman not the white tide man as the saying goes.He-He.Take Care God Bless Have a good weekend.Kath astoriasand

  12. I've always hated tanning daughter used them so much...she doesn;t anymore.  I know this is a serious issue ...thanks for sharing...hugs and love,

  13. Very handsome kid... I hope those wounds won't leave scars.


  14. I don't sunbathe anymore -- haven't since I was a teen, and I have never used tanning beds.  I have always felt they would have to be dangerous.