Tuesday, 22 April 2008

No trains? No go

Over the weekend, Scottish Youth Hostels were in the news, as there is a change afoot in the Youth Hostelling movement. I was a regular user of youth hostels between 1987 and 2004, but am saddened to hear that there is an increasing preference for single and double rooms, rather than the cosy multi-bed snoreholes known as dormitories.

A notice on the SYHA website caught my eye. The youth hostel at Loch Ossian is not served by trains on April 25 and 26, due to engineering works. It can only be reached by train, unless you want to walk for 11 miles from Rannoch Station or 15 miles from Tulloch. I've done the latter in 2001, a nice trek. There is no road to the hostel. I have made a few entries on this unique location.


  1. your local hostel sounds fascinating IF you do not take into account how you have to use the potty....gee. I went back and read your entertaining previous entry about the hostel too.

  2. Read your earlier entry-seems folks had fond memories of this place,except for the demise of  Dick Trowell,Tom Rigg's friend .
    Also,I went on to read some of your other posts and I wonder if I could have your permission to post a part of your entry about strokes?
    I shall wait your permission.

  3. I think that there is natural growing security concern about sharing housing with several strangers in one larger room.  Perhaps if people were able to become more comfortable with the idea, the people, the security measures, that'd differ.  Of course, most would likely still prefer their own spot, who knows if that stranger snores, or gets up early or stays up late or hums incessantly or smells, but hey, it's a hostel:)

    I hope several still go to this one spot, or take the time to stay there until the trains return, if there already.