Monday, 7 April 2008

J-land Angels

I said I was going to bed, but my eye was caught by the calendar, which told me it is now April 7th. Two years ago, Pam [his1desire] made her last entry in her journal. She passed away 9 days later, on Easter Sunday. That was the event which drew me into J-land proper.

I also called round Kim's journal, where I found that her last entry now has 409 comments; Lahoma and Irene were also on my list tonight. Please visit Sunny's excellent journal J-land Angels for updates on others who have gone before. 


  1. I miss them, and I also miss Penny.  Very sad.

  2. I think it's wonderful that these people are not forgotten.  They were all so special and are missed by so many.   Linda in WA

  3. I have always found it amazing how much we can hurt when soemone we have never met leaves our lives. I will never ever forget especially Kim and often find myslef thinking about her and her family and indeed have even spoken about her courage to many folks who are mowning about some minor pain etc.  Love Sybil x

  4. I miss Kim and Penny too.  I couldn't help but admire both of them for keeping in touch when they were at their lowest ebb.
    A lump still comes to my throat when I think of them.  Such beautiful women full of Spirit.
    Penny still managed to get out of her hospital bed and get to the computer down the corridor.
    Dear Kim typed away even though her thoughts became confused which worried us all.  
    When I went through my cancer treatment I only had one reader and she helped me keep my life on an even keel even when I couldn't write or felt like writing in my journal.  There are some wonderful kind and caring people in JLand and I for one was lucky to have found one whilst I was at my lowest ebb.  It was like having a link to God.  
    It meant so much to know that although I couldn't go out I had a friend to keep in touch with and let it all out to when I felt like it.


  5. Thank you for helping to keep the memory of these special ladies alive Jan xx

  6. It's wonderful J-Land keep the memories of these Angels alive.

  7. princesssaurora7 April 2008 at 15:53

    So sad... I miss them all...

    be well,