Saturday, 5 April 2008

Saturday 5 April

Very unpleasant weather at the moment, with a hail & snow shower passing over. Temperature at 11 o'clock was reported at 4C / 39F. The weather radar shows the north of Scotland (north from a line between Mull and Dundee) under a rash of showers. More snow forecast for tonight, with a low of -2C / 28F. Temperature remaining the same tomorrow. We are under an advisory for heavy snow, with accumulations of 2 to 5 cm (1 to 2 inches) possible on low ground, and more higher up.

April is a bit of a Janus month, both winter and summer. Janus? He was the Roman god of beginnings and doors, and had a head with two faces on it. Either face looked in the opposite direction.

The mess that is Zimbabwe's election results remains unresolved. Armed police prevented lawyers from the opposition party MDC from entering a court building. They had intended to use legal powers to force the release of election results. A recount of 16 results is being ordered. It is possible that this would swing the result against MDC - and the consequences could be civil unrest. Don't have a good feeling about this one. Mugabe is going to fight for his life - and not just the political one.


  1. You surely aren't having spring weather...a heavy snow warning in April!!!  Our weather is a surprise today as each forecaster says something different.  LOL
    I hope you have a pleasant day despite the weather.

  2. springangel2355 April 2008 at 12:30

    I hope your weather clears and you can enjoy a pleasant day.  Have a great weekend...

  3. So sad about the weather and also Zimbabwe...My friend rang her sister in Harare this morning and she reports that Police are everywhere at all road junction corners etc. Just a few days ago the people walking around were walking tall but today once more they are keeping to the walls and making themselves as small as possible. Which is exactly how the people feel..small and not cared for  or about by anyone.... Sybil x

  4. Friday, we had rain & wind until late afternoon and then it calmed down.  So far this morning it's "just sitting there."  No rain, sort of gloomy & sunny and a little breeze. It's anyone's guess as what the day will bring weatherwise.  I neglected to go grocery shopping this week, so now have to venture out on a Saturday, the day when all the "worker bees" have to get their shopping done. When I retired, I made a vow I would not shop on Saturday, Sunday or after 3pm unless absolutely necessary.  I remember how frustrating it was when I was working for all these old folks to be in the stores when they had all week to shop during the hours I was at work. I am doing the same thing.   Linda in WA

  5. You're still getting snow, I'm hiding out inside because it's in the high 80s and sunny here.  Good grief.