Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Tuesday 29 April

Overcast with occasional light rain, but not much wind. As yet feeling cool, with the mercury at 8C. It's early yet though.

Got a polite email back from the Burmese Met Department, saying they would consider putting warnings in English on their website. Meanwhile, they were a wee bit out in their forecast for tropical cyclone Nargis, which will make landfall in northern Myanmar on May 2nd, according to them. My information is that this will happen a day later, and my sources are pretty reliable.

In Jersey, a second man (aged 68) has been arrested in connection with alleged child abuse at the former children's home at Haut de la Garenne. More than 100 people allege to have suffered abuse at the home, where fragments of teeth, bone and a child's skull were unearthed during the investigation.

I was horrified to learn that the state of Virginia in the US was struck by 3 tornadoes yesterday afternoon. More than 200 people were injured, and a lot of damage done to the area around Suffolk, VA.


  1. Sorry to hear about those tornadoes, they don't normally get them that far east do they? What's wrong with people? The news from the Jersey child abuse case is just chilling. We're supposed to be a civilised country, these people have behaved less than human. Jeannette xx  

  2. I am sad to hear of the tornadoes in Vir.
    What a horror story at the childrens home....do they know who the skull belonged to?

  3. Guido,
    I hope you are well and warm.  Working in a map store and with travelers heading to Scotland, I like to point out that I know where Stornoway is located.  I had my alerts turned off for quite some time.  It was overwhelming.  I am slowly turning some back on.  Thanks for staying with me.
    Smiles from Sunshine,

  4. Keep an eye on that cyclone.  I didn't know anything about the Jersey case... Wow, it is truly horrifying to think of the terrible things that could be happening right next door and you wouldn't even know about it till you read it in the paper.  It's sad about the Virginia tornado... We had a town close to us leveled by one several years ago... Thank goodness no one was killed, but it destroyed most of the property... Today, the town is rebuilt and life goes on.  Stay safe. ~Journey

  5. The Jersey story is appauling Guido.I hadn't heard of the Virginia tornado's it's such sad news .My heart goes out to there famiies.Prayers being said for everyone.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

  6. Yes, the paper has pictures this morning of the damage left behind in Virginia.  It seems like Virginia should be out of the tornado zone. But I guess with the weird weather we are all having, one never knows what will happen.  Linda in WA

  7. My heart goes out to the folks in Virginia. We saw this on the morning news and it looked just awful.  I cannot even fathom going through that and losing everything, or almost everything.

  8. It is a wonder that no one was killed in those tornadoes in Virginia.  There was so much damage done.