Thursday, 24 April 2008

Thursday 24 April

Rather later than usual for my first post of the day - it's nearly 5 o'clock - but there were a handful of things I had to attend to quite urgently, and that took nearly the whole day. Nothing serious, I'll hasten to add.

Weather has been very changeable. After a bright start, rain commenced just after 11, and did not stop until about 4pm. The sun came out again at 4.15. It's still quite cool. It is generally agreed that we've had a bad winter, with lots of gales and snow.

Over in Zimbabwe, claims and counter-claims about the outcome of the presidential elections continue to fly around. Meanwhile, the Chinese are considering recalling the ship that is carrying arms for Zimbabwe. Dockworkers in Durban, South Africa, refused to unload it over the weekend.


  1. You have had a long winter. We've been having such nice weather and when I read about yours I have to remember how far away we live.
    Take care,

  2. I hope the Chinese do decide to recall that ship carrying arms for Zimbabwe.
    I can see them getting more flak before the Olympics if they don't.
    We had rain this morning but by this afternoon it lightened up a bit and brought out the sunshine for a wee while.   All the faces of my little spring plants have had their faces washed.   They look so colourful!

  3. Hi Guido,

    I`m glad the African countries have refused to allow that ship to dock. Also the Chinese should be ashamed of their support for the Zimbabwean government but it seems that all they care about is money.

    Love Sandra x

  4. Glad everything is ok with you.
    It has been divine weather here in Ohio. Sunny, warm, blue skies. Paradise for as much as Ohio can be.

  5. Things do come up as we have urgent needs sometimes here too.  Hope all was okay...
    I enjoy hearing your different weather patterns...take care.

  6. I'm happy to hear nothing serious had happened and all is well with you.  I've been attending to much needed matters myself the past few days.