Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Tuesday 22 April

An overcast morning with some brightness, after a very clear night. The moon took centre stage, and although I'm not normally up and about at 5 am, I happened to capture it this morning.

No, I did not write the piece about Zimbabwe. It was forwarded to me by Sybil and she is trying to ascertain the author.

The people on Christmas Island, northwest of Australia, have just weathered tropical cyclone Rosie, which was a tropical storm with winds of force 9 to 10. The only thing they have to contend with this night (it is 9 hours later there than here in the UK) is high tides.

The majority of people who express an opinion on the rejected Lewis Windfarm are happy it will never happen. The reason for its rejection was apparent 4 years ago, when the planning application was launched. The Special Protected Areas were in place in the 90s, and I don't understand that nobody bothered to check up on that.


  1. You'd have thought that someone would have checked on those protected areas, yes.

    And, when you do know an author, you state it, but in this case, it's unknown.  Thanks for clarifying, and for posting it in the first place.

    The rains here have stopped.  Not enough to bring us up to normal levels, but the deluge soaked through and over many areas for the time being.

  2. I'm not sure what are weather will be today.  Yesterday was the way it's been the last week or so. Rain, hail, sun alternating all day accompanioned by wind.  This morning it's bright but overcast. Linda in WA