Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sunday 13 April

The morning started clear and bright, but cloud bubbled up quite rapidly to give a small downpour at around 11 o'clock. At the same time that the runners in the London Marathon got a rather larger downpour. Enjoyed watching the race this morning, which saw the course record broken in the men's race, only 20 seconds shy of the world record. Conditions were much better than last year, when it was almost too warm for comfort (70F as opposed to 50F today).

The Chinese ambassador to London, Fu Ying, has complained that the Western press are 'against China', and that Chinese visitors to the British capital wanted to know where the 'gentlemenship' had gone to. Fu Ying stated that Tibet had complicated problems, where religion was intermingled with politics, but that it was loved by the Chinese. Was watching a program about Tibet pre-1950s last night, which undermined the latter statement.


  1. hello guido, lovely weather here at moment the sun is out and has warmed up abit too, and i am sitting at the laptop indoors!! have a good day. mrs t xxx

  2. 90 degrees today in Southern California; that was a great time for the marathoner; perhaps he wanted out of the rain :)

    enjoy the day


  3. I can't tell what it's going to do here today.  Yesterday was near 80 degrees (wow, what a surprise!).  But at 8am it's overcast and 41 degrees.  So at this point anything could happen from a blizzard to another warm day.  The Dalai Lama is visiting Seattle for a 5 day conference.  Some expect counter-demostrations from pro-China groups.  He apparently stated that he was saddened by the recent Olympic protests in San Francisco.  Linda in Washington state  

  4. We are having typical April weather here Guido, heavy showers then warm sunny spells, at least we were yesterday. Unfortuately today we are having more heavy showers that sunny intervals. Shame, because I wanted to do some more gardening. :o(

    Love Sandra xx

  5. I saw the programme too. And I still can't understand why China wants to impose itself on Tibet...excepting that it can? Or perhaps it can't retract it's statement in '47 when it stated "religion is poison". Baffling.