Monday, 28 April 2008

Monday 28 April

Overcast this morning with a little wind. The rainfall radar shows rain not far away, although the bulk is falling over Highland Scotland. Not too cold, 12C / 54F.

My focus will be on the above tropical cyclone in the Bay of Bengal, now named Nargis, which has blown up into a hurricane. The storm is expected to pack winds of 115 knots (that's 130 mph), gusting to 135 knots (155 mph) by the middle of the week, and will still not be anywhere near land. As I indicated last night, Myanmar and Bangladesh can expect to be hit hard by this system by the end of the week.

The strike at the Grangemouth oil refinery is in full swing, but tankers are delivering relief supplies of fuel. The refinery will be started up again by tomorrow morning, but it is not clear (to me) how long it will be before fuel supplies return to normal. Panic-buying is inevitably occurring, with some petrol stations running on empty already.


  1. I hope everyone stays safe in the tropical cyclone. People will always panic buy won't they? Maybe one day they'll realise that if they didn't there'd be enough to go round for everybody! Jeanette xx  

  2. Tis the season for hurricanes. Living in NE Ohio we get lots of tornado warnings this time of the year... glad we have a basement.  Would love to visit Scotland someday.

  3. Rain for us today again Guido.I have just got soaked shopping.Still at the side of those hurricanes who can grumble.I do hope the petrol situation soon gets back to normal for everyones sake.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

  4. Those are some winds kicking up ~ hope the folks are bracing for the storm.  I can't imagine the panic with service stations running out of gas...what a nightmare.

  5. That is just disgusting about that man who fathered those kids.  People are just so sick anymore. :(
    Have a good week :)

  6. Woke up to pounding & I mean pounding rain early this morning.  It was ugly until about noon and then I hurried out to the store to get some milk and other grocery items (forgot the English muffins-drat !).  Now at 5:20pm the sky is black again and I'm sure we'll have a repeat of the rain we had this morning.  But the temp is up to 60 degrees, good to help the weeds grow.   Linda in WA

  7. That truly is a bad storm and they need to be aware of what is coming.  Thanks for letting everyone know what you know...take care!