Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Evening notes

Close on 10pm, and it's just getting dark. The evenings are lengthening appreciably, and fast. Couple of things catching my eye at the moment.

The strike at the Grangemouth refinery will go ahead this weekend, after talks between trades unions and management broke down. An agreement was reached to maintain safety at the plant during the strike - the refinery is currently in the process of being shut-down. Panic-buying of fuel has been reported across Scotland, with some pumps running dry. Officially, there should be no dearth of fuel, as there is 70 days' supply available across the UK.

For a change some hopeful news from the Middle East. Israel has signalled to its northeastern neighbour Syria that it is prepared to return the occupied Golan Heights in return for peace. The area was occupied in 1967, and has seen several settlements being established there. The two countries are technically still at war. Turkey appears to be a peace broker. It would be quite an achievement to have at least one fuse removed from the powderkeg that is the Mid East.


  1. Heard on our news ,that garages in Scotland are charging £1.30 a litre,So the strike is on ,and as usual people are making money out of it ......Jan xx

  2. It is amazing the difference the sun set times in the north and down here. It is still dark by just after 9pm.   Did you see the cost of petrol at a station in Kircaldy it was reported in the news they are charging £1.50  a ltre. !!!!  not exactly sure of the gals-= litre but think it is about 4 so that is well over £5 a gallon ....Love sybil x

  3. I don't know what's effecting our prices right now, but last night our gas jumped up thirty cents!

  4. That's brings a sigh of relief to hear about Israel giving up the Golan Heights in return for peace.  
    Thank God for that!