Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Wednesday 30 April

Nice sunny day, with a bank of cloud to the east. The wind is from the northeast, but the weather radar shows a bank of cloud draped northeast to southwest across the country, some 100 miles away. That isn't going anywhere in a hurry.

I have very little time for football players, who run about on a grassy pitch for 90 minutes per week, and earning ridiculous amounts of money for it. And building the most appalling mansions. And engaging in cross-dressing sessions.

Here in Stornoway, 36 jobs have been axed at the local Harris Tweed mill, which lies about half a mile away on the eastern side of town. The place was taken over by a new owner last year, and business has been shrunk rather badly.


  1. It looks like Ronaldo got his just desserts! How could he have thought that person was a woman?! I wonder what his girlfriend thought of him?! I didn't know the Harris Tweed mill was in such dire straits, it's been made for years hasn't it? Jeannette xx  

  2. Their wages are vulgar..aren't they?
    Quite obscene really.   To earn  hundreds of thousands a week, and some even turn those rates down as not enough, for kicking a ball around for 90 minutes is unbelievable.
    I really believe that we should get back to our grass roots and begin from the beginning by having British men playing for England Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  None of this buying players from abroad to plump up the team.  Money should be spent on developing our own youths even more than they are already.  There is talent out there not even tapped.   We can hardly pronounce half the players names these days.   It is such a big business these days that there is no real genuine pride in knowing that the match has been won because one team can afford to buy the best players from around the world.
    Just my opinion.

  3. What a taudry story, geesh.  Seems the only thing more over inflated than the ridiculous salaries are thier own egos and opions of themselves.  I don't care for most athletes in general ~ can't relate to their mentality.  Too bad for the folks who have lost their jobs.  That is a difficult pill to swallow.

  4. It's great you have nice weather...sun shining for a change...enjoy.  Football is not my thing, but so many love the sport.  Sad the jobs were cut...hope things change for so many without.  Take care!

  5. Here in my neck of the woods, at 9::40am it's 44 degrees, overcast with a slight breeze.  I missed the weather forecast this morning so what ever happens will be a surprise for me.   I always hate when I hear about companies down-sizing.  Sometimes working for a certain company is all a person knows.  Hopefully those who have lost their jobs will be able to get jobs elsewhere.  Linda in WA