Saturday, 26 April 2008

Evening notes

A very blustery day here, but mostly dry. As I said a little while ago, fairly mild as well.

The Somali pirates continue to ply their trade. A Spanish fishing vessel and its 26 crew were released unharmed after a ransom of $1.2m was paid to the pirates. Somalia, in the Horn of Africa, is a country without government and ruled by various warlords. The US tried to intervene there in the 1990s, without success.

The recount in Zimbabwe has brought no reversal in favour of Mugabe, I'm relieved to learn. The outcome of the presidential elections will be known on Monday - to the candidates and their agents. When Johnny Public will know is anyone's guess.

A train was robbed near Marseille, France - for cushions bearing the Playboy logo. The train was brought to a halt by sleepers being placed across the tracks.


  1. I can't believe anybody would put a train in danger like
    that for some playboy cushions! Incredible! Jeannette xx  

  2. Remind me not to venture near Africa in a ship or boat of any kind.   People are really weird...stopping a train for Playboy logo cushions ?!?  What's this world coming to?   Very nice here today, nearing 70* at 3pm.  My lawn mower is calling me and since I haven't heard from my son, I may venture out and see if I can get the front yard mowed.   Linda in Washington state  

  3. Very mild here but drizzly rain. I hope Mugabe goes without a lot of bloodshed.  He will not want to give up.

  4. I'm not holding my breath about Mugabe although I am secretly hoping (niaively) that all this time is being taken up by negotiating a ( I hate to think of this) safe route for him out of the country, even if he has to take some of his millions with him.   I doubt that very much...but one can dream.  Idi Amin managed it.   The Chinese are sitting quietly in the background in that country so I'm not sure wht the outcome will be like everybody else at the moment.
    Please God there wont be any bloodshed.
    As for the comes up with strange episodes.  I can't believe it was stopped for the covers.  More likely there were drugs hidden in the seats and this was an easy way of recognising where the contraband was planted. can imagine.   Lol!   It's no more incongruous than the initial report.
    Somalia is a lost country which is so sad for its beautiful people who only want what the rest of us want. A decent safe family life with plenty of food and water on the table.  I wonder where its saviour is going to appear from, and when.