Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Tuesday 15 April

Bright and sunny today, with some clouds about. Not much wind and remaining cool.

The local council have reassured horrified islanders that the fee for using the public toilets in Perceval Square in Stornoway will not be bumped up to 35p. At present, spending a penny costs 20p, and a statutory notice had been put up outside the loos saying that it would cost 35p. The council now say the price of a pee will now be 25p. A storm in a toilet bowl.

On the subject of excessive prices, the price of a litre of diesel has gone up to £1.31 ($10 a US gallon). Funny thing is, that our fuels get delivered by a tankerboat which also supplies remote places like Thurso, on the north coast of Scotland. Where fuel costs 20p less.

Zimbabwe could see the election results announced by the weekend, when the results of a recount are known. If the opposition candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai, does not poll more than 50%, he will not be running in a run-off with Robert Mugabe, fearing violence on the streets. I never got over the South African president, Thabo Mbeki, saying that there was no crisis in Zimbabwe this past weekend. He is the one who denied that AIDS was a problem in his own country.


  1. To pee or not to pee... That is the question.  Don't know much about overseas currency... from what my husband tells me, gas is much more expensive in europe than in the states... A lot of things are different in europe than in the states... Always wanted to visit Ireland, Scotland and Wales... I have a wee bit of the Irish blood in me... black Irish... dark hair... blue eyes... And a touch of Indian (from India) from way back when the brits controlled India... My great great great (this could go on for a while) grandmother was from India and her husband was from Wales. Your trip sounds exciting. Love getting a feel for what it is like over there from reading your journal... Thanks for he post! ~Journey

  2. What happened to spending a penny ????
    Jenny <><

  3. They are removing the public toilets off the streeets of Seattle because of increased usage by drug addicts & prostitutes.  I forget what this is going to cost but it's almost as the initial installation.   Linda in WA  

  4. Interesting how they are reporting on the public toilets...and wow, on the price of gas....that is a lot of money...
    Take care!

  5. OK, if there is no AIDS crisis why is the rest of the world spinning their wheels to thwart it???  What a dufos to make such a statement.  Wow, I thought my diesel was expensive at 4.41/gallon.  

  6. We are enjoying some beautiful sunny spring days here, with cool nights.  I could take a few more weeks of this weather.

  7. you are a riot. I can not believe you have to pay to pee.