Saturday, 5 April 2008

Close of day

Twenty minutes to midnight, and it's white outside following an evening of hail and snow showers. Yep, it's April 5th, and it's winter.

Nonetheless, it is spring, as shown by these pretty colours outside Stornoway Town Hall this afternoon.

Some of you may have noticed me in the buddylist over the past hour or so, as I went through my alerts on the AOL client software. AOL webmail is one huge frustration at the moment, seizing up after showing me 3 emails, and taking ages to show me any emails at all. There has been an upgrade - huh! - to version Goa. Anyway, went through 60 alerts, some dating back to yesterday, which was an enjoyable read.


  1. Bless the dear souls that put out the pots of primroses.  At least you have some color and some hope of spring in your corner of the world.   It never did rain today...not really sunny either...still just sort of hanging there, like Mom Nature is trying to make up her mind what to "bless" us with next.   Linda in WA

  2. We saw only a few flakes of snow all season where we live whereas other J-Landers state side were heavily covered.  Now I have spring in full bloom and added some pictures of flowering trees on the street I live on.  I sure do wish you'd have some warmer temps soon.  Spring would be welcome for you I am sure by now.  


  3. It's definitely winter in your town, but Spring is trying to peek out. The flowers are pretty!

  4. those are really nice pics.

  5. It has been snowing down south but not settled on roads and paths.  It seems to have turned to rain now and i do not expect it to stay long.  I love snow on the gardens but not to walk on as i am not built for skating.
    Jenny <><

  6. I am playing the concerto whilst I read your alerts Guido.  It's wonderful music.
    I drove back home through snow last night on top of Shap Fell.  It cleared at Kendal and then met up with us again as we neared home.  Flurries have come and gone today but missed us apart from our surrounding fells which were pure white against the blue sky this morning.
    AOHell has not been sending my mail off and on recently. Today it kept knocking me off.  There is no pleasure in being on-line these days.  It takes seven minutes or more for it to load these days!  There are all sorts going on in the background as it loads too.  Goodness knows what that's all about.
    At least yo have nearly caught up with your alerts.

  7. What a contrast, hail & snow followed by those gorgeous flowers.