Sunday, 6 April 2008

Scottish notes

A suitcase full of bodyparts has been recovered from the harbour at Arbroath. Case and contents are now subject of forensic examination, as they could belong to Jolanta Bledaite, whose head and hands were found on the beach there earlier this week. The Lithuanian had come to the UK to save money for cancer treatment for her father, according to some reports.

A light aircraft is missing in the Cairngorm mountains, 40 miles south of Inverness, amidst severe weather, in the shape of blizzards. The plane, which was flying from Carlisle to Wick, disappeared from the radar screens at 11 this morning. People on the nearby funicular railway reported hearing the plane, followed by a loud bang.

The Apprentice Boys of Derry have marched through the streets of Inverness today, without incident. Local councillors do not approve of this vestige of Northern Ireland passing through the streets of the Highland capital, and I don't understand it. The Apprentice Boys are an organisation linked to historical events in 1688, when 13 of them closed the gates of the city of Londonderry against advancing Catholic forces.
I am wary of any of the factions in Northern Ireland, so close to the cessation of the internecine troubles there, and do not see any connection with Highland Scotland at all. However, there is a freedom of speech and of demonstration in this country, and as such I cannot fault this march.


  1. A whole suitcase of body parts?  Oh my gosh, what is happening in our world?  And another plane down (or so it seems). Everyday, there's heartache for people somewhere.  How sad.....Linda in Washington  

  2. I feel so sorry for that lady's family. We have a lot of Lithuanians at work, they're such hard working nice people. How could someone do that to another human being? Jeannette xx  

  3. The suitcase full of body parts is so scary and heartwrenching for the family.  I can't imagine their heartache and horror.  

    The plane crash is also very sad.  

    Thank you for posting and keeping us informed.


  4. So sick about the body parts. I hope they are able to find the killer, although I know it's unlikely.

  5. i wonder why there has to be so many evil people in the world who around spreading their poison to others and hurting them. What did that lady do to end up dead in a suitcase? nothing.

  6. What a horrible way to end ones life poor soul.    It's a wonder a light aircraft flew when the forecast was for bad weather...I do wonder sometimes.   It is snowing lightly here this morning but not lying on the ground.  Love Sybil x

  7. I am still in shock about the body parts being found by children on the beach,first reports said the head was in a plastic bag,now its a suitcase? What a horrific and tragic thing to happen,I hope they catch the sadist who did this,but if they do,theres no guarantee anything will be exacted to punish them zoe xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Now a suitcase of horrible!  Geesh, I have to wonder what kind of person is capable of doing this.  I remember Jeffrey Dahmer here in the states who chopped up his victims and then sauteed them for dinner.  Just horrible.

  9. I'm glad there were no incidents with the "Boys'" march, but I agree with you -- what do they have to do with Scotland anyway?