Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Wednesday 9 April

Quite a nice morning, gentle breezes and not feeling cold. The port is relatively full this morning, with freigh ferry Muirneag, Coastguard tug Anglian Prince, fuel tanker Border Heather and small freighter Grip Superior all jostling for space. The tanker left half an hour ago, just as I came back from town for a few errands.

Anyone in the UK should mark The One Show on BBC1 at 7pm this evening. The islanders of Eigg, south of Skye, will feature in it. They will demonstrate how life has changed since they got 24/7 power. Until February this year, they relied on diesel generators for their electricity, leading to constraints. Ever since they won control of their island in 1997, the Eiggach have not looked back.


  1. I actually remember when you had an entry about these folks getting the power.  I bet that is going to be an interesting show ~ I wonder if they have gotten lazy now that they have electrical appliances to do some of the work for them.  I get two BBC channels but I doubt it will be on either of them.

  2. specialadyfink9 April 2008 at 16:00

    I'll bet it's a nice sound hearing the engines of those boats chugging into port...and a beautiful site.
    Have a nice day....

  3. Beautiful picture Guido.  Did you take it?  Interesting to know how such progress with affect the islander's lives.  Wish I could watch.

  4. I shall watch it this evening Guido.  We normally watch BBC TV as I can't abide the commercials on the others.


  5. I can't imagine not having electricity all the time.  Of course our power goes out from time to time, during a storm, if a car hits a pole, etc.  And we tend to really get upset at these times, if the power is not restored within an hour or so.  So far this morning it looks we'll have another one of those days where Mom Nature is just "sitting there."  It's 41 degrees with a very slight breeze and overcast.  Bob's been up at White Pass, WA skiing the last three days.  He says there's lots of good powder snow, well groomed for skiing.  There's been about 8 new inches of snow at this particular pass since Sunday.  Winter is not over in the mountains.  Linda in WA  

  6. Wish I'd got on here earlier - have missed that BBC documentary - am hoping they repeat it on BBC2 at some point. Take care.