Friday, 4 April 2008


I had to read that article a couple of times. It is one thing that there are people who feel they need to change their gender. I cannot imagine what that is like, but OK, I'm not narrow-minded, and if that what it takes to make someone happy, then that's what it takes.

However, a man of 34, who was a woman until 10 years ago, is now pregnant. He did not have anything done to his reproductive organs at the time of his gender change. Using artificial insemination, there is now a pregnant man somewhere in the US. He is married to a woman, who fully supports him through the pregnancy.

I am totally confused and don't even want to start thinking this through. I just about understand the facts of this case.


  1. He made an appearance on Oparah, this week explaing his reasons, both families are against it and they have recieved death threats, I'm all for people having choices however this leaves me scratching my head, it is also reported that they want to go into hiding, my question is WHERE would they hide?


  2. I don't want to add to your confusion, but his wife looks like she could have been a man at one time!!          Sorry      Just kidding.     Dawn

  3. I saw this couple on Oprah. I really have no qualms about it. However my gripe is, this MAN is reproductively a WOMAN in all aspects.  The only 2 things he/she has done to become a woman in any medical sense is , had the breasts completely removed and surgically/cosmetically reconstructed (nipples off, nipples back on) and he took a few years worth of oral testosterone.  Since trying to get pregnant he/she had no longer needed the oral hormone pills to mock that of a man.  He/she had NO medical done to the vaginal area.
    So in my opinion, it is STILL MEDICALLY a woman that had MINOR work done and most cosmetic work, as clothes , hair and poise.
    It was interesting, but it bothers me they say he is the first "male" pregnant as this is medically untrue.

  4. Just a note after reading comments, Yasmin has the show facts not true to what was said.  The ladies 2 grown daughters were on the show and very supportive. They didnt' touch base on most the other family except to say that his (tom/tracy) father was not fully accepting of his change in life.  I heard nothing of death threats and they said they were PREPARED to go into hiding, not they WERE going into hiding.
    ughh...sorry just this is how stuff in America gets all mixed up.  

  5. ceilisundancer4 April 2008 at 18:39

    My daughter actually turned this on yesterday, and I was actually home.  (Only as my vehicle's engine blew so we couldn't do what we normally would be, i.e., NOT at home that early in the day.)  They seem like a sweet and happy couple, with neighbors and family supportive.  It is rather interesting to get ones mind around, but hey, a couple years from now, someone seeing that family will see a husband and wife and toddler.  Not a man with facial hair who is pregnant. (Someone on the show, I think Oprah herself? mentioned that he "is the one with the penis." I didn't happen to hear the anatomical information in depth.)  Interesting, and I'm a bit confused, too, admittedly, but eh, life goes on.  I wish the baby well and hope all are happy.

  6. I must admit to feeling uncomfortable about this one Guido, I hope however that the baby will grow up feeling as loved as he/she would in any happy family.

    Love Sandra xx

  7. Ok...I don't want to judge them, whatever works for them is great.  I think I would have to do a double or triple take if I were to pass this pregnant "man" at the mall though.

  8. Yup, they were on Oprah yesterday.   They seem very happy and he/she is 6 girl due in July.   It sounded like they live in Bend, Oregon which is rather a small town in eastern Oregon.  Now Bend will be on the map for sure.  Follow the link for more information;         Linda in WA

  9. Guido, when you go to the Oprah link, click on Thursday to see highlights of the show.  Linda  

  10. Saw  a snippet of this on TV, well if thats what they want ...I cant get my head round it though Jan xx

  11. well, it is already well known i am totally stupid so i have no idea how a MALE is having a baby?!!!

  12. springangel2354 April 2008 at 23:13

    It is terrible...I saw Opra's show where he and his wife were there...even the sonogram.  He is a WOMAN no matter which way you slice it!  
    Take care!!

  13. I feel sorry for the baby; she will be known as the girl whose daddy, who was actually a woman at one time, had her; very confusing for her; and if they live in a small town, I'm sure she will never live this down; poor girl


  14. I AM narrow minded about that kind of stuff. VERY narrow minded. I think it's sick. I also feel that any medical professional that assists in that kind of procedure is very irresponsible. I'm sure everyone will disagree with me...but that's how I feel.