Friday, 18 April 2008

Friday 18 April

Bit more cloud around today, and it's still breezy - a cold easterly.

Robert Mugabe, the much maligned leader of Zimbabwe, is preparing to mark independence day for his country - the 28th anniversary of liberation from oppressive white rule by Ian Smith. The outcome of elections for president, held 3 weeks ago, is still unclear. Pressure from the outside world is having no effect. Strange? Well, have a read of this assessment on the BBC News website, which offers an insight into why that is. Interesting. Meanwhile, credible reports keep emerging of beatings and torture in the country.

Typhoon Neoguri is passing just east of Hainan Island in China, and will strike the mainland tomorrow. Its power will be diminished, as atmospheric conditions will begin to tear the system apart.


  1. Have yourself a good day.

  2. Funny I was just writing something about Haile-Mariam, the Red Terror Campaign leader of Ethiopia until 1991.  He lived "happily" in Zimbabwe for many years, bad sign to me. ~Mary

  3. I never really kept up much with the world outside of our own here in the US... The past few years has brought me to realize how that this whole world is interconnected, especially this day and age, and how someday it may come to our doors... What happens outside of the US really does matter... Took me long enough to realize this... Oh well, better late than never... Thanks for the post. ~Journey

  4. It was an interesting read, I can bet Mugabe does want everyone to "butt out"... what an evil man.

  5. It didn't get past 44 degrees here on Friday.  Wind was 15-20 mph most of the day with periods od sideways rain, sleet & hail.  There's snow falling in towns north of Seattle tonight and right now at 10:50pm Friday it's down to 36 degrees here at my place.  Freeeeeeeezing !!!  Linda in WA

  6. Very interesting article about Mugabe.