Thursday, 10 April 2008

J-land Mood

I can't help noticing the continuing low mood in the community - does it become more noticeable because of Call for Support, or have things really gone onto a downer since last autumn?

Apart from real life issues like illness, death and relationship problems, there is also the phenomenon of trolls and overhyped expectation. I don't see the point of getting upset, angry and vicious, just because someone or everyone has stopped commenting in my journal. I don't see why several journalers find it necessary to apologise for not calling round. It is part and parcel of the community, I agree. However, circumstances can arise in real life, which may limit our time on-line, and we may be reluctant to disclose what those circumstances are.

As far as trolls go, I also don't see the point of harassing people. Haven't they got something more constructive to do? If you do suffer from a troll, flatly ignore. Push an email to the journalseditor for further advice.


  1. I have not noticed it as much as you say, but have noticed MORE people NOTICING what I don't. DOes that make sense?? So it must be going round. I think where there is a public journal for people to "call round" to, I think that it brings people to dig up sad things.  And I don't think that is negative, I just think that overshadows the good :)~
    I have a troll, I don't care, I look at it like I am obviously filling some void it has in it's own pathetic soul :)

  2. The journals do seem to have becoem a bit bogged down lately Guedo, but perhaps it is just the time of the year. I do hope so,  Maybe we should start a "be thankful for" journal !!  Love Sybil xx

  3. I agree the mood within the community seems low, myslef included, it's been a long winter. As for Trolls and the lie it's just best to ignore and not participate with their childish antics.


  4. Well-since Call for support I do find it hard to type with these tears in my eyes...but anyway I am here to tell you that you've been tagged...just visit to see the rules...LOL

  5. I think 'Call for Support' highlights the sadder things of life a bit more than before, rather than there is more of it around, but i still think call for support is a good thing.  Perhaps a 'Plug the Joy' journal where we celebrate and share the good things that have happend to us to get the balance needs to be started.
    Jenny <><

  6. I think this has to do with losing some strong journalists, others getting sick or worried cancer will return, and also a hard winter, very cold.l  It's even been cold a lot later here in Phoenix!  Having written all my life, I think we just go through different phases.  I love analyzing this, as I like you have noted what I thought was kind of a down mood, but like you would experience after a hard winter.  Even pneumonia!  I think when spring is really here we will experience a kind of upspring in the states, at least!  Gerry

  7. I just think that as others have said winter has got to us ,plus the sadness ,that has happened ,There are happy journals out there ,Ups and downs I am afraid thats life Jan xx

  8. I guess its life and the uncertainty of things with the economy, for us Americans wonder who will be elected president, the war, etc. and I have to remember when I read a journal that is constantly a downer one, perhaps this is the only place they can totally be themselves and not have to pretend things are going really well; and if that is the case, then I have to remember its their journal and their thoughts

    it does bother me when people do say "sorry I haven't been around" etc. No one is obligated to read my journal nor am I obligated to read theirs; everyone has to realize there is a much bigger life than just journals


  9. I don't get the whole troll thing!  Or why it upsets people.  Haven't had one visit me I don't think.  

    If they are nasty why even bother?  Just ignore and delete and they will go away.


  10. I've noticed it too Guido...  I just think the long winter and personal issues with some bloggers has taken a toll.  I feel once the sun comes out regularly we'll all perk up.  
    As for trolls...  you know I've had one for years...  same person.  Ignoring, reporting, answering back, nothing works.  So yes there are days I've had it up to my eyeballs and I say something.  Let me just say... if I did an entry each and everytime they 'hit' me I'd be doing entries several times a day.  I have no idea what motivates them or what they hope to gain....   me honestly thinks they need meds.

  11. I think many folks in J-land are truly going through hard times.  And many are just finding it very hard to keep up the hectic pace writing and calling round can become.  -  Barbara

  12. katie39041@talktalk.net11 April 2008 at 02:06

    I think call for support a good thing.If we can bring kind words to people that are having a bad time, Its all for the good. I have been bogged down this winter with one thong or another, puter issues have not helped. When the spring comes everyone will be springy again.You have a comment from a lady that maybe we ought to highlight and share in other peoples happiness a good idea..
    love and hugs

  13. Many are having tough times right now, & some are just really busy.
    Glad that Call 4 Support has taken off well. I'm sure it has helped several.
    Trolls, I know little about. I hear about them but stay clear for the most part.
    As for comments, sometimes I do & sometimes I don't...I expect it's the same with others.
    Have a good wkend.

  14. I think Call for Support is a great tool and can't be blamed for any low mood.  In our real lives we have natural highs and lows, and I think that happens in J-Land, too, where there are times when the general mood is either high or low.  This has become very much a real community and will reflect moods, changes, ups and downs, as any community will.

  15. I think Call For Support is a wonderful link where we can all visit and cheer our fellow JLander up or offer commiserations. Yes it can make me sad and bring tears to my eyes but then ...that's life.  I couldn't bear thinking someone was upset if I could at least drop them a line to cheer them up in this way or be there for them.

    As for Trolls...thankfully I have avoided them.  I don't understand their mentality at all.

    I reckon we all need a kick start from the sun. has been a long winter.

  16. Wonderful advice! I've been noticing the mood too, it may be a little bit of cabin fever thrown into the mix. I think there is way too much abuse of condescending comments and trolls making people reluctant to share something that might be torn to shreds. I'm becoming better and better at blocking and deleting lately...Which is something I never thought I would have to do.(Hugs) Indigo

  17. I think the Call For Support is a great addition ~ I don't see that contributing to the low mood.   I don't understand the troll thing either but I choose to live & let live.  There is alot of unrest & instability right now in our (USA) economy and each day we are hit with more depressing news, perhaps this is some of the cause of a generally low mood for those of us is the USA.  Just a thought.

  18. Hmmmm, I hadn't really noticed, but you could beon to something.  

    I know that for myself personally, having the family situation (my dad's illness and then death), led me to having even less time than normal for journals and journal reading.  Then, while filling my life back up I've filled it up a bit more with LIFE, and limiting who I get around to reading.  I find that even the journals I stay reading, I don't get to as often as I used to.  (Glad you can understand that!)

    Maybe my being more out of touch, then coming back but not as fully, has me less "on the pulse" of j-land in general.

    I DO really like the addition of Good News to the call for support.  Life is full of blessings and sadness, and it's great to be able to share all of that.

  19. I agree about the trolls they need to get this under control.  You know my sitution, real life is a part of daily concerns and we have to deal with them...the ones who have problems with no comments...well, that's life too...just deal with it.  It is not the end of the world...thanks for the open and honest view point.

  20. I agree about the trolls they need to get this under control.  You know my sitution, real life is a part of daily concerns and we have to deal with them...the ones who have problems with no comments...well, that's life too...just deal with it.  It is not the end of the world...thanks for the open and honest view point.

  21. YOU are a decent and honest person but the trolls have no soul and want to spread pain. That is how they get their power and their kicks. So, using conventional ways of dealing with them does not work.

  22. Have not had a troll, hope not to get one..... (knocking on wood).


  23. hi guido, i agree with you and the comments left that these trolls should be delt with, i have been lucky and not had problems. my problem is keeping up with everyones entries!!! there does seem to be a somber mood about j-land, alot of sadness. mrs t xxx

  24.  I completely agree with your post.  I suppose there are trolls in real life also, wish they would just stay away.  Personally.....I am feeling brighter every day.  Yah Spring , you do my soul good,


  25. cacklinrosie10114 April 2008 at 02:40

    I had one and totally ignored it.  Paid no mind and made no mention to fuel the fire.  I think many folks are suffering the duldrums right now.  Perhaps spring and sun will bring about some happier moods.  At least, I'm hoping that for myself.  Chris

  26. Hi

    thats my issue that I am going though right now is I am having to deal with trolls and taking my personal blog and twitters and reading them on a streaming website called USTREAM.TV and I mean its to the point were I am afaid to write anymore about the stuff thats been going on in my life..... I havent wrote in my blog for 6 days because of my trolls  :(


    ~ Christopher ~